Oil Change Service

Has it been awhile since your last oil change? Not sure if you need one at all? Bring your vehicle to Toyota of Irving Service Center and we’ll change it for you at an affordable cost.

Our experienced car technicians know the signs to look for and will tell you if an oil change is necessary.

If you want a head start, here are some keys signs to look for when determining if your vehicle needs an oil service:

  • Low oil levels (use your dipstick to check)
  • Dark or black colored oil
  • “Check Engine” indicator light on
  • Unusual engine noises

It is best to change your oil before these warning signs make themselves apparent. Typically, every 3,000 miles is suggested though it can vary depending on your vehicle and the kind of oil you have. Our technicians will help you in determining what is best for your vehicle. Come see us today if you have any questions!

When you visit, ask us about what Synthetic Motor Oil has to offer your vehicle. Below are some advantages to using this kind of oil in your vehicle.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Not all motor oils are created equal. Synthetic motor oil offers many things regular motor oil does not. Many of our newer models are now certified for a new, lower viscosity Genuine synthetic motor oil, and here’s why.

More Engine Protection

Genuine synthetic oil pumps easily and helps provide uniform lubrication, reduced friction, greater thermal stability and better overall engine efficiency than conventional engine oil.

More Miles Per Gallon

The right oil can deliver a surprising boost in fuel efficiency, it’s estimated anywhere from 0.4 to 0.6 miles per gallon when compared to conventional or non-synthetic oils.

More Stability

Synthetic oil’s low viscosity allows for quicker flow to critical parts, resulting in better overall engine protection, especially in cold weather.

More Miles Between Oil Changes

With synthetic oil, most models can extend their oil change interval from 5000 miles to 10,000 miles. You’ll save money with fewer oil changes.